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LARGE Hand painted ‘Crashing Waves 6’ Dorset Oyster Shell Jewellery Trinket Ornament dish. A totally original gift tor a loved one.


Bringing nature indoors :

My inspiration for the ‘crashing waves’ range stems from Sea caves or littoral caves which are formed primarily from erosion caused by waves. They can be formed along the ocean coast and lakeshores where water impacts bedrock. To reflect this act of nature I have deliberately painted the insides of the shell to look like a weathered rock surface with waves splashing up the sides. At the bottom of the shell I have layered paints upon resins to create a deep crystal clear pool. I hope that you agree that this creates a wonderful feeling of looking into an exquisite grotto. 


Stage 1 The shells come straight from the beautiful shores of Dorset. Once they are back in my studio each one is then thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed and left to air dry. 

Stage 2 the shells are painted using a technique involving detailed hand painting and then a further pouring of the acrylic ink and resins. The resin is then left to sit and air dry. This process creates a wonderful lagoon effect at the bottom and on the sides of the shell.


Stage 3 Once throughly air dried for two days each shell is then meticulously painted gold, using a liquid real gold leaf, and then a final layer of epoxy crystal clear resin is applied to the inside of shell to create a hard wearing gloss finish.  


The shells size: 13.5-14cm

Please Note: : This is a large oyster shell and is a rare find. 

The shells are presented in a natural craft gift box nestled in white shredded presentation paper and tissue paper to protect the shell. It is accompanied with thank you note (printed onto premium white 300gsm water colour paper) and a thank you sticker. 


A wonderful self indulgent treat for you or a thoughtful gift to show your love for that special someone ❤️

• Friends, 
• Birthdays, 
• engagements
• anniversaries, 
• weddings,
• bridesmaids, 
• new home,
• Mother’s Day,
• Father’s Day,
• Easter,
• Christmas,
... or simply position anywhere in your home to be cherished and admired!


All listed quantities and patterns are ready to be made, however if you should like larger quantities or a bespoke order made, please do get in touch and I’d be happy to assist.

Enjoy x


Please note : The shell is sealed with a hard wearing crystal resin but I do not recommend that you immerse it in water. To clean wipe gently with a dry cloth.


More details about Dispatch & Delivery

UK and the Channel Islands Delivery and Postage:
Royal Mail standard - second class post 1-3 business days 
Royal Mail express- fist class post 1-2 business days 


Waiting for delivery:
Occasionally there are delays in the postal system that are unfortunately beyond my control, such as when there is bad weather, busy periods or other events that impact Royal Mail’s expected transit times and that of their overseas counterparts (Christmas, Covid..). 

If you have any concerns over when you might receive something by, please do drop me a message before buying and I’ll do my best to help if I can. It may be that I’m able to send out an item that same day or I can find out how much it might be to send via Special Delivery or a Courier to you. If I’m able to, I’ll try to help in anyway that I can.

Crashing Waves 6 Hand Painted Dorset Oyster Shell Ornament Trinket dish

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